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if you...

2008-07-17 02:38:58 by Chicken-Bacon

read this youre a goat

was bored >:D

town watch

2008-07-16 16:50:33 by Chicken-Bacon

yey i got town watch rank :D


2008-07-16 11:29:30 by Chicken-Bacon

oh gooooddddd i just watched that horrible movie it was disgusting it was like i puked in several hours god i can never eat chocolate again EVER without thinking of that horrible movie goddamit i was warned but my curiousiti took over and i watched to girls eat eachothers shit DAMN THAT WAS GROSS dont watch it for your own safety DO NOT WATCH IT!!!


2008-07-16 04:09:53 by Chicken-Bacon

yey im in a crew i just found out hehe its the jetpackers crew nice oh well im not very good at graphic or animation but i hope ill be accepted anyways :D


2008-07-15 16:21:50 by Chicken-Bacon

im not perfect in flash but i wonder if someone wants to make a collab whit me :D the please comment or PM me thmx for your time :)


2008-07-14 17:16:35 by Chicken-Bacon

okay so kisames mistake got blammed but ehe i got some constructive critic if anyone wnats to team up with me ill happily :D

my upcoming stuf 8)

2008-07-14 12:49:31 by Chicken-Bacon

so em heres a little list of my upcoming projects :D

*Kisame's mistake(yep thats right you get to torture Kisame in 4 differents way :D)

i dont have anything else yet but more to come soon :D

my upcoming stuf 8)

need support

2008-07-14 04:42:22 by Chicken-Bacon

what program can i use to draw good on instead of drawing it in flash???


2008-07-13 17:39:14 by Chicken-Bacon

hey ppl i really would like you people to give me an idea for a series of cartoons if you have ideas and if i uses it i give you credit xD



2008-07-13 13:55:20 by Chicken-Bacon

okay guys so im pretty new in this newgrounds thing and i really want to make my first project a dressup i tryed flash mx in some days and i kinda handle it well so em cya later huys X3