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2008-08-28 14:43:31 by Chicken-Bacon

so ehm ima bored how are you??


2008-08-18 14:36:54 by Chicken-Bacon

my submission got pass judgement oh well some people likes it and some dont but its okay cuz i can learn some constructive critic XD haha oh well :)

my first project

2008-08-17 14:40:08 by Chicken-Bacon

yeah i know you huys probably dont care about it since youve never seen anything from me well i just wants to make this Clock creator where you can create a clock :D with bodys faces accesories and more :D oh and i will also hide a easter egg somewhere featuring a little quick lame FPS game starring strawberry clock xD

audio submission

2008-08-14 16:37:21 by Chicken-Bacon

so eh i submitted my first audio four days ago but eh it said it would take 2 days max before it would be accepted but i didnt get any email if it werent accepted :/

Hellgate London

2008-08-11 08:59:34 by Chicken-Bacon

hi i just got this game called hellgate london and i wonder whats you guys opinion in the game right now im downloading the latest patch for the multi player part :D

mmorpg maker

2008-08-10 05:32:11 by Chicken-Bacon

so yeah i finally found a mmorpg maker i could use to something its the elysium diamond :D
its really great :D

hey guys

2008-07-29 16:46:29 by Chicken-Bacon

heres some questions top 10 favourite movies and musicians

1*dawn of the dead
2*one missed call (JAP)
4*matrix reloaded
5*simpsons the movie
6*naruto shippuden (MOVIE)
8*the grudge (AMERICAN)
9*prison block
10*the nun

2*Linkin Park
4*L.O.C(Danish Rapper)
5*Natasja(Danish Singer)
6*Elron Harald(Danish LOL musicX'D)
8*Green Day
9*Utada Hikaru
10*50 Cent

hey guys

i noticed

2008-07-25 05:23:14 by Chicken-Bacon

that some people hate wade fulp why is that??? just curious

hey everyone

2008-07-22 12:36:27 by Chicken-Bacon

hi im looking for a good theme song for a new comedy flash series im making so if anyone knows a good theme song from the audio portal then please let me know.

heres a question

2008-07-20 04:12:54 by Chicken-Bacon

if you could go ten minutes back in time what would you change :D